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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It adds encryption between your website and your website hosting
so it becomes very difficult for people to steal such data from your customers.

SSL Purchase Options

We offer our customers the choice of a paid SSL or a free one. Simply make a decision on which one suits you then click to login and get it setup!
Free Installation
Free Redirect/Configuration
Trust Seal
Money Back Guarantee
Free Support
Issue Length

Free SSL

provided by AutoSSL
90 Days

Paid Rapid SSL

provided by Symantec
Up to $10,000
1 or 2 Years
***Please note, a web hosting package is required to request an SSL Certificate installation. You can order one here if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read of questions people often ask us when it comes to SSL

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. When a customer fills out a form on your website or makes a purchase their information is sent to your website hosting to be processed, without an SSL this information could be intercepted and stolen but with an SSL certificate it gets encypted before it gets transferred and decrypted when it reaches its destination safely.

Should I get a free or paid SSL?

This is the most commonly asked question and the answer really depends on your budget and your needs. Generally we advise our customers to get a paid SSL, we offer them at a very low cost and it includes installation and configuration. The paid SSL also offers a higher level of security and a gaurantee from Symantec. You can read a full comparison of Free vs Paid SSL on our sister company's blog.

Does an SSL cover all my sub domains?

No, you must purchase an SSL for all of your sub domains that you require it on. E.g. and would require two SSL certificates. If you have a lot sub domains you could mix and match between Free and Paid SSL to keep the cost down or contact us about a wildcard certificate that can cover all of your sub domains.

Is an SSL beneficial for my search engine ranking?

Google don't release information about how their ranking algorythm works so we cannot say with 100% certainty that SSL is beneficial for your ranking, however, Google recently released a statement informing people that non secured websites will be clearly marked as "insecure" from July 2018. Read the full article here. This statement is an excellent indication that the search engine giant is going to favour your SSL secured website over a non SSL one!


Free Installation, Configuration and Support

Don't worry about a becoming a professional SSL installer in your spare time, we have it covered! Our paid SSL certificate comes with full installation, from getting the certificate installed to making sure your website then redirects to the secure "https" link automatically we take care of it.


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