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Cloud VPS

Highly customisable VPS. Dedicated resources that can scale up when you need more.
1 vCPU Cores:
20 GB Disk Space:
Unlimited Bandwidth
FREE Backups:

£9.99 / Month


Advanced Customisation

Customise your Cloud VPS exactly how you want it or select a prefined package above
1 vCPU Cores:
20 GB Disk Space:
1 IPv4 Addresses

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read of questions people often ask us when it comes to Cloud VPS

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a section of a dedicated server that is split by virtualization software. It provides you with fixed resources as per the specification you choose. You get a lot of customisation options with a VPS and it can be much more cost effective than getting a dedicated server.

What is a Cloud VPS

A Cloud VPS simply means that you can change your specification at a later date. So if your website grows in size or you want more resources to make things faster then it can be very easily scaled up. No more transferring of files to upgrade to a bigger hard drive, we just allocate more disk space to your VPS!

Can I host multiple websites on a VPS?

Yes, it is very suitable to host multiple websites on. You tend to get a lot more disk space and resources this way than you would buying multiple Web Hosting packages.

Do I need to be technically minded to get a VPS?

We have an excellent Cloud VPS control panel that you can install your Operating System on which will get you started but from that point if you are using a Linux based operating system like Cent OS then we would recommend a good technical knowledge.

However, if you are not technically minded but you want to get started on a VPS then we would recommend budgeting for the CPanel control panel which costs £14 per month. For anyone who wants this simply let us know and we offer a free installation on all new VPS orders. From this control panel it is very easy to set everything up.

How do I know how much RAM and CPU I need?

This is a difficult thing to judge but we have introduced some popular configurations on the slider above, if your website doesn't get a lot of traffic and is quite simple then start at the beginning, if it's starting to grow then go for a higher package. The great thing about our Cloud VPS is that you can start small, use our monitoring systems to look at your typical usage and then scale up accordingly if needed.

What kind of support do you provide?

As standard the support offered for a VPS is Hardware and Network, this means we ensure the system is fully operational and that it can be connected to. Anything further to this you must investigate yourself but there are lots of great tools to help you do that, you can connect to your VPS over VNC or SSH and perform remote reboots from your Tech-Hosts account.

If you like the sound of our Cloud VPS but you want a higher level of support we do offer a fully managed Cloud VPS, this service is an additional £29.99 per month. This will cover your individual configuration of your websites on the server also.


VPS Benefits

Our Cloud VPS has lots of great benefits so you get the most out of your website hosting.

R1Soft Back Ups

We back up your system on a daily basis to an external server for safe keeping and peace of mind.

Quick OS Installer

We have a large number of different Operating System to choose from and all can be setup with a one click install.

Remote Reboot

Reboot your VPS from an external control panel that you have full access to.


Easily monitor your website traffic and all of your resource usage with our monitoring systems.

SSD Drives

Twice as fast as standard hard drives, our SSD drives give you an extremely fast data transfer rate.

Scaleable Resources

Quickly and easily upgrade your server to get more power or disk space.



We are partners with leading technology companies to deliver an optimial hosting infrastructure.

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